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Social Media:
Videos, Motion, Gifs,
Banners, & Animation

Rocky & Co. Photography


  • TikTok, Instagram reel, gifs, short animation

  • Also created all content, design,
    and photography for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages

SoulFire Wellness

  • TikTok reels


  • Infographics for social media posts 



  • Web/HTML5 banners and social media posts

  • Some have the new logo  

Aston & West


  • Created banners: gifs. html5 and  social media posts 



  • Instagram highlights (go live Jan 2022)

  • Created banners, still, and gif posts 

Critter Color: ​

  • Created compelling and informative

  • A+ Content for Warren London’s Critter Color product. (sample work)

  • I used the brand colors combined with researching their website to create these are custom images.


Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook

  • Designed social media posts and
    banners for specific events and programs.

FirstLight Fiber

Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Designed social media gifs, posts,
    and banners for specific events
    and programs.

  • Google Banner Ad Testing 

TruePath Technologies Inc. Instagram:

  • Instagram sample

  • I created all content for Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.

  • Web Talk Video (web-cam) and editing

Hillside Family of Agencies Website

  • Designed home page banners

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