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Packaging, Swag & Logos

SentrySafe & Masterlock:

  • Label design and packaging for
    Safes using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Design includes diagrams, icons, and instructions about the model.

  • Photography by Corin Cianfrocco

Pavilion Gift Company (sold at Hallmark Stores):

  • Incense vase package design:
    I designed the product, packaging, and logo using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Angel Figurine package design.

FirstLight Fiber :

  • Sales event swag box designed
    using Adobe Illustrator. 



  • T-Shirts designed for employees using Adobe Illustrator 

Rocky & Co. Photography (dog photography):

  • Stickers designed in Adobe Illustrator for gift cards 

TruePath Technologies

  • Bandana and hang tag designed
    for clients


Various logos created in Adobe Illustrator

and photoshop.

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