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Wireframes, Amazon +, & Web Design

Aston & West: 

  • Wireframe of the mobile product page 

  • Designed in Figma


  • Wireframe of Demo Store starting from the home page to every step
    of purchasing a pillow. Developed Desktop and Moblie versions, including confirmation emails

  • Designed in Figma 

Well Being: 

  • Wireframe of the home page

  • Made in Figma 


  • Amazon+ mockup pages

  • New branding: including a mockup
    of the new bottle

  • Designed in Photoshop and Ilustrator


  • Wireframe of a landing page

  • Wireframe of a website section

  • Designed in Figma & Instapage

Critter Color: 

  • Designed informative Amazon+ content for Warren London’s Critter Color product using Photoshop

  • I used the brand colors combined with researching their website to create these custom images

TruePath Technologies: 

  • Website Redesign

  • Designed in WordPress & B-Builder 

  • Added subtle color blocks, new colorful icons, and easy-to-read graphics

  • I work directly with the own on this site to improve the user experience

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